Strip Search Casting Call Brings Droves of Exotic Dancers to Stratus (NSFW)

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A local stripper is interviewed by Strip Search

Strippers who auditioned for the reality show were grilled on their backgrounds, why they got into dancing, and what sort of people they often conflict with. Applicants gushed about their life stories and even confessed some of their deepest, darkest secrets to producers.

Michael Nielsen, one of the executive producers of Strip Search, says that show will be a reality competition program (a la Top Chef or America's Next Top Model) and will offer an unspecified prize to the ultimate winner.

The producers will eventually whittle down the list of dancers who applied to only 12 and will shoot footage of the girls living together at a CenPho home in the next few weeks for a "sizzle reel" of interesting footage to show to network executives.

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He's confident they'll land a network deal in the coming months. Despite the title of the show and the fact it will star exotic dancers, Nielsen says it won't feature nudity or focus on sex.

"We'll be showcasing people with interesting stories and interesting backgrounds, because this show is about digging into what the reality is like with being a stripper," Nielsen says.

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