Strip Search Casting Call Brings Droves of Exotic Dancers to Stratus (NSFW)

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Veronica Earl of Xplicit Show Club.
Veronica Earl, an adventurous 23-year-old who works at Skin Cabaret, says that when she leapt at the opportunity after hearing about the casting call.

"I thought, 'Why not?' It sounded like fun," Earl says. "I don't want to live, die, and pay taxes on my tombstone, hence the fact I'm a stripper. So, fuck it. Its what I do for a living. I'm 23, I have the body to do it, and I make a shit-ton of money."

She feels like a reality show about strippers would be a hit, considering all the drama that takes place backstage at local clubs.

"Girls in the dressing room are always talking about how there needed to be a reality show on strippers and since it's happening, I wanted to be a part of it," Earl says.

She also feels that the show could provide a more in-depth look at women who strip.

"There's more to us than what you see onstage," she says. "Personally, I'm a badass bitch. I'm also fun and cool and intelligent, all the ingredients that make an awesome human being."

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Casey Jones, who appears at Jaguar's Gold Club, also hopes that they show could change people's perceptions of strippers if she's cast and the show makes it to the television airwaves. The 20-year-old Valley resident, who has a background in ballet and hopes to earn enough money from dancing to buy a house and go back to school, says that not every woman working a stripper pole is some cracked-out crazy type.

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Are you sure you'd wanna lick that?

"People seem to think that all strippers are drug addicts, sluts, or just have sex for money. Truthfully, there are girls out there like that, but they're in the minority, there's barely any out there," Jones says. "I want to teach people that stripping actually is hard work, its not just shaking your ass and getting money. People should have more respect for it."

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Would like to say this is a disgrace to real Women, who know how to be sexy without putting your bodies out  there, like you are turning all the Men on there like i like  women and men.  How far down can you go really No i am not jealous, and yes if i had to  bread for my children on the table would do it with class forget it if you are just doing it to get you through school, as you will never, have a professional carrier, Women have fought for equal rights for a long time, this is so demoralizing and soon or later , your bodies, will not get you anywhere' but on the new paper, do you see men doing this really,Like if i were a man would be afraid of going to bed with you lord no,s where you have been' 

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