Strip Search Casting Call Brings Droves of Exotic Dancers to Stratus (NSFW)

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
A pair of local exotic dancers at last night's casting call for Strip Search. Check out more photos in our slideshow.
What would happen if you got more than 100 strippers in the same room and started blasting hip-hop jams? Probably the same sort of wild scene that ensued last night at Stratus during the casting call for reality show Strip Search.

Dozens of ecdysiasts and exotic dancers from a variety of Valley strip clubs shook their bikini-clad booties, pulled off aerial moves on stripper poles, and made like they were extras in a Lil' Jon music video all evening at the West Phoenix rave venue. Check out our slideshow of the stripper shenanigans right here and read the rundown of the night after the jump ...

Strippers clown around last night at Stratus.
While Strip Search producers were busy in a side room interviewing potential castmembers for the reality show (which will be shopped around to networks over the summer in the hopes of being aired sometime in the next year), dancers were engaging in a major rager in the main room.

They participated in an evening-long pole-dancing contest or strutted their stuff for cameras from local television stations while a hip-hop DJ spun old school hits and urban jams on the turntables.

strip search dancer.JPG
Some strippers came to the casting call because it sounded like a fun opportunity, while other adventurous types did it for kicks, or as a chance to further their dancing careers.

One dancer who goes by the stage name Kimber says that she'd love to star on a reality television program.

"I think a lot of the people on reality shows right now are really stupid," says Kimber, who performs at Xplicit Show Club in Glendale. "I think if I was on TV it would be a fucking blast. Everyone would keep watching to see what I'd do next."

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