Lingerie Nights, Swimsuit Fashion Shows, Douchebag Parties, and Plenty of Pool Time Over the Weekend

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Lingerie Nights at Firehouse
Thursday is becoming the new Friday. Parts of Old Town were fairly vacant, but Firehouse was packed with a well-dressed clientele for Firehouse's Lingerie Nights. Summer dresses may have outnumbered the negligees, but we can't complain. Scottsdale hotties shook their stuff to "Baby Got Back" and Avicii's "Levels".

Sushi Roku's 3rd Annual Summer Swimsuit Fashion Show
The W's 3rd Annual Summer Swimsuit Fashion Show showcased Scottsdale's best bikinis and beach bodies on Sunday night. The event transformed Sushi Roku into a catwalk for Diane's Beachwear.

Annual Douchebag Party at Smashboxx
Being called a douchebag is usually a bad thing, but patrons of Smashboxx were encouraged to sport spray tans, sunglasses, and Ed Hardy swag in honor of the 3rd Annual Douchebag Party. There was an abundance of duckface and blow outs at the packed bar.

Release Pool Party at Talking Stick Resort
Temperatures skyrocketed into the stratosphere this past weekend, giving Valley urbanites a perfect excuse for lounging around the pool. Over at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, the Release Pool Party took place on Sunday, June 3, offering stylish swimmers a chance to take a dip while listening to hip-hop tracks dropped by DJs and plenty of drinks.

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Panache Swimwear

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alexand alexa kids swimwear

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