The Icehouse Unveils New Art/Junk Shop, Coffeehouse, and Group Exhibition

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Though the Icehouse may be a bit off the beaten path when it comes to Downtown Phoenix art spaces, you might want to consider visiting the venerated venue during First Friday. Especially since its proprietors will unveil two artsy enterprises located on the property, as well as a brand new exhibition.

Urbane Recycler, a combination "junk/arts salvage shop" and secondhand store, and the Quiet Mind Tea & No Frills Coffee Bar will debut later tonight at the venue. Peter Conley, the director of the non-profit organization that oversees the Icehouse, says that both businesses will hopefully bring more people to visit the venue and help fund future projects and events.

"The objective is to get people to come to the Icehouse and really decompress and chill out while being able to wander around and visit the Cathedral Room or White Column Room while supporting the cause," he says.

Caesar Chaves
Urbane Recycler at the Icehouse.

Both establishments are housed in rooms along the Icehouse's loading dock area adjacent to artist Barry Schwartz's "Shocklick Lounge" and each will offer each offer funky and décor and the chance to visit portions of the venue that have previously been unseen.

Conley says Quiet Mind will offer hot and cold beverage bar with an emphasis on tea, although a variety of coffees will also be served.

"While sipping on a cup of healthy tea, we invite you to sit with a book, spend quality time with friends, or take a meditative stroll through the serene grounds of the Icehouse," he says.

Meanwhile, he describes Urbane Recycler as "a kind of like thrift store for artists and creatives" and will stock a mix of secondhand treasures and items to used for art projects.

Caesar Chaves
Another look at the interior of Urbane Recycler.

"It's not totally like your typical thrift store, however, as we're trying to keep it on a more tasteful level," Conley says. "We have a lot of materials like metals and wood that could used by artists looking for stuff to sculpt from our use in their work."

Currently, he adds, the shop is looking for any donations of secondhand goods the public might be interested in parting with, such as "funky furniture, art supplies, and things that creatives are interested in."

"Hopefully, people will realize what we're trying to do and bring us their stuff," Conley says. "Not that we're trying to take away from Goodwill or anything, we just feel we have a cause to support and hopefully people will think Icehouse is worthwhile enough to donate unique unwanted items."

He adds that the shop won't deal that much with clothing, save for some custom-made t-shirts created by artist and vintage Phoenix aficionado Marshall Shore.

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429 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ

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Urbane Recycler

429 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ

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Clients are recycling agents to whom the junk shop owner will be selling the junk items, which have been sorted and segregated.

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