Brelby Theatre Company Opens New Downtown Glendale Venue with Twelfth Night in July

A nice independent community theater that's stuck together for a few years in Flagstaff and the Valley has signed a lease on their own venue in historic downtown Glendale.

Brelby Theatre Company, which is named for its founders, NAU grads Brian and Shelby Maticic, will open Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (one of the world's best comedies) at the end of July in the new space near the northwest corner of 58th and Glendale Avenues.

Brelby has a writing program, collaborates with a group of affiliated theater artists each year to create new work, and routinely presents crowd-pleasing contemporary comedies, as well as Shakespeare.

They've performed at PHX:fringe and downtown's Playhouse on the Park.

Per the company's Facebook page, the group is excited to have more opportunities to interact with not just audiences, but others in the community who want to study and practice performing arts.

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