Gigi Cardella-Arredondo's BAMF Barbie Style

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When it comes to finding the right look, it's best to seek out a professional opinion -- cue Gigi Cardella-Arredondo.

As a stylist for Scottsdale's Salon Tru, makeup artist for a photo shoot turned Valley Ho ad campaign, model, and occasional beauty bloogger, Gigi Cardella, doesn't just follow style; she lives and breathes it.

Rocking a tattoo sleeve that could best be described as couture and a fashion style inspired by 1960s Barbie (if Barbie drove a motorcycle and sported more leopard prints), she walks that stiletto-thin line between simple and chic.

Gigi Cardella-Arredondo

And while her style deserves to be showcased, we also took the opportunity to get her opinion on hair trends around the Valley.

What are you wearing right now? 

Black jeans from Urban Outfitters (I love that they sell shorter jeans for us shorties), black and white polka dot bandeau from Tilly's, long v-neck tank top from Scottsdale Boutique, and wedges from Steve Madden.

Can you tell us a little bit about your style? I'd say my style is classic with an edgy/trendy twist. I will shop anywhere I see something I like. I mix expensive classic pieces with less expensive stuff all the time.

I don't see anything wrong with buying less expensive "trendy" items that will drop off at the end of the season and splurging on a pair of jeans that I will wear over and over. I am all about feeling confident in what I am wearing at all times.

Name five items every woman should have in her closet:
1. A pair of heels/wedges that you can wear all day
2. A pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down
3. A classic dress you could wear anywhere -- to a wedding or out on the town with friends
4. Classic jacket
5. Bathing suit you feel confident in (you can swim almost year-round in Phoenix!)

Fashion trend you can't stand? Rompers. They don't really look good on anyone. And tights with opened-toed shoes.

Hair trend you can't stand Crunchy curls, overly striped hair, highlights/lowlights on the same head (see original Kate Plus 8).

Courtesy of Jeff Nelson Photography
Some of your favorite hair trends for summer? Ombre, pastel colors, fringe, and braids ... I am obsessed

Five Hair items that every woman should have:
1. Dry shampoo
2. Ceramic blow dryer with a cold shot button (e.g., Babliss)
3. One inch ceramic flat iron (e.g.,T3)
4. Bobby pins
5. Set of clip-in hair extensions with a backcombing brush (you can do amazing things with a little more hair!)

What should we be doing to our hair? Use conditioner and don't be afraid to detoxify your hair. Build-up occurs over time, especially when you've been swimming all summer. People are afraid to do it because they think it will strip the color, but it won't. Trust me.

Gigi Cardella-Arredondo
Give us a childhood memory of you and hair... I have loved hair since I was old enough to care. I started experimenting on my own hair, my brother's hair, my Barbie's hair, the dogs and cats -- anything that had hair, really. I would put anything on my hair, from Clorox bleach to Kool-Aid; if I thought it would do something, I would try it! I think I have tried every trend at some point!

So what's the craziest thing you've ever done to your hair?

I've shaved just the back of my head and even just the side of my head. When Christina Aguilera had the red and black chunks in her hair, I tried to mimic that and it looked like my scalp was bleeding!

What's your hair advice for Phoenix?
The easier the better for day to day! Choose a style/color that compliments your skin color and facial features. I think when you start trying too hard, that's when you look too done up and get frustrated because it's not working out the way you want it to. Some people are not meant to be blonde or have long hair. Embrace what your hair wants to do.

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GiGi is an amazing stylist that has brought a breath of fresh air to Salon Tru.


God bless her


Nothing worse or more sad than a sexy pretty american chick with those ugly manly tattoos on their white skin. its not a sexy or pretty sight to see garbage like that on a womens beautiful skin. its a real turn off for most men. and what are they gonna look like when they are 60 years old down at the nursing home. yuk gross is what.

Old School Women
Old School Women

Trust me being a barbie is nothing to be proud about as a women. its a sign of weakness.


If it walks like and dresses like a whore then its a whore. this girl is a whore begging to get fucked hard.

Joe the ejaculatetor
Joe the ejaculatetor

I want to ejaculate my manly sperm love goo on her glasses. and whats up with those cartoons on her arm? they look stupid. chicks today are just dumb cunts.


says the man whose name is " Joe the ejaculatetor" Not only can you not spell , you are an idiot and May God have mercy on our souls if we EVER listen to the opinions of someone like yourself. On a lighter note GiGi Is the most wonderful , beautiful kind hearted person who I had the pleasure of having as my hairstylist and friend when living in AZ we moved away though and not only do we miss her but our hair hasnt looked as good since. We love you Gigi!!

-The Corwins.


 Joe the spermanator may not can spell but I bet he can blow a big wad of spermy goo on that little girls face and glasses. after all isnt that what she wears those sexy eye glasses for anyway? to turn men on sexually? I mean its not as though she is blind and really needs them. ever hear of contacts? its all a sham. she has the desperate female look at me and give me attention look and it seems to be working for her.

Old Hippie
Old Hippie

  Cool people dont get hair cuts or go to a hair stylist.

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