Five Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Moments

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2. Bottle Rocket: The Little Banana

You haven't seen Owen Wilson act until you've seen his performance in 1996 movie, which he co-wrote with Anderson, Bottle Rocket. Wilson plays the role of Dignan, a heartbreakingly good guy...who wants to be a crook. Its absurd, but so is most of the movie. Wilson makes the characters so relatable, so pitiful, and so loveable that you can't help but be on their side. Even if that means sporting a hideous yellow jumpsuit.

And the cherry on top? This scene includes all three Wilson brothers.

1. From Fantastic Mr. Fox: Are You Cussing With Me?

Beside the fact that this scene from The Fantastic Mr. Fox has George Clooney and Bill Murray arguing in animal form, the clip is just crazy cussing funny. Based on the novel by Roald Dahl, the movie tells the story of Mr. Fox, a notoriously talented thief who struggles to protect his family and neighbors from the repercussions of his schemes. The stop-motion animated film is probably the best kids movie ever and the kind you won't mind sitting through it again and again and again. Check it the cuss out.

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