Five Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Moments

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4. From Rushmore: Max Fischer

Meet Rushmore Academy's worst student. He's confident to the point of cockiness. He's the king of extracurricular activities. He's Max Fischer, played by Jason Schwartzman in this 1998 film. Fischer lives for life at Rushmore, but when he falls in love with his teacher, Miss Cross, and ends up in a battle for her affections with Herman Blume, a wealthy if disillusioned industrialist played by Bill Murray, his world begins to turn upside down.

But really, meet Max.

3. From The Life Aquatic: Let Me Tell You About My Boat

Everything about this scene has Anderson's name written all over it - in a good way. Taken from the 2004 film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, this tour of Zissou's ship, The Bellafonte, demonstrates many qualities of Anderson's signature style, a style that has many naming him one of our generations only true "auteurs." Take note of the horizontal camera movement, use of narration and titling and of course, the humor so dry it will have you cracking...up, that is.

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It's Darjeeling LIMITED, Ms. Saria.

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