Five Comedy Podcasts to Dominate Your Drive Time (NSFW)

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Podcasts are a cool alternative to hearing the latest classic from Nickleback or another rant from Limbaugh on the radio. They're free, available on smartphones and MP3 players, and there are enough good ones to last anyone an entire week.

Comedians picked up on the fad a couple of years ago and view it as a vastly superior alternative to the dreaded appearance with Fart Dude and the Cheese on morning talk radio.

The free-form nature of podcasting allows different comedic styles to emerge. Here are five different podcasts to spice up the commute.

5. Comedy Bang Bang

Standout Episode: "Have a Merry Christmas"

Scott Aukerman is a funny guy with funny friends, and Comedy Bang Bang is the comedy nerd's dream lineup. Guests like Zach Galifianakis, David Cross, Tim Heidecker, Ben Stiller, Aimee Mann, and many more stop by Earwolf Studios for an interview. The podcast features a three-part structure, avoiding the meandering nature of free-form interviews while still leaving enough room for creativity.

4. Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

Standout Episode: "H. Jon Benjamin"

Aisha Tyler, voice of Lana on the FX series Archer, knows how to market. The title, logo, and blurb are deceptively Manswer-ish. Billing herself as "the ultimate guy's girl," Tyler has cleverly subverted the audience drawn in by interviews with Gears of War designer Cliffy B to intense (and hilarious) discussions about race with guests like The Onion's Baratunde Thurston.

Also, fans of Archer get interviews with every cast member from the show. Tyler also offers premium episodes, generally featuring top-tier guests, for a small fee.

3. Fitzdog Radio

Standout Episode: "Rao"'s

Greg Fitzsimmons is stuck in the middle. He's a headlining comic, but not a theater-filler. The fratboy "Fitzdog" moniker comes from a friend's recommendation that he brand himself, and is a bad representation of the podcast's surprisingly unique themes. While still participating in the typical comedy podcast style of comedic interviews and rambles, Fitzdog Radio is uniquely autobiographical.

Fitzsimmons, son of a New York radio personality, is balding, married, and glad to be doing corporate gigs with his friends. He often voices his spite for younger comics that refer to him as a "legend," refers to the magic number in his bank account that'll allow him to happily quit the entertainment business, and manages to turn an abrasive exterior into something uniquely human.

2. WTF with Marc Maron

Standout Episode: "Michael Ian Black"

Marc Maron is a comedy cinderella story. The story goes that during a moment of extreme desperation, Maron supposedly sneaked into the now-defunct Air America offices and began recording his podcast. Now, IFC has ordered a season of Maron-themed television that should appear next year.

Maron's podcast is a proof of concept for the podcasting formula, in that the comedian's niche was tired of listening to Air America on the way to work, as well. He begins every episode with a neurotic monologue and then transitions into an interview with a comedian or actor. The interviews tend toward the analytical, and Maron's asshole streak is one of the most appealing aspects of the show.

Episodes featuring conflict between Maron and a guest tend to be the most entertaining, and arguments with Louis CK, Gallagher, and Michael Ian Black are sublimely uncomfortable.

1. Uhh Yeah Dude

Standout Episode: "Episode 35"

Johnathan Laroquette and Seth Romatelli are, unlike anyone on this list, normal guys. They don't enjoy celebrity, Seth drives a Plymouth Sundance, and Jonathan's dad is the prefix to any press the host receives. Laroquette, son of Night Court star Jon Laroquette, and Romatelli's podcast is an amazing reaction to the inundation of, well, everything. The chemistry between the hosts is what drives the podcast, as they're both people the show's audience would really like to know.

Formatted like a living room conversation, the hosts hold notecards with topics to riff on. Any topic that gets slow or unfunny is thrown away and the hosts unceremoniously move to the next one. The show's shorthand takes a moment to absorb, but sticking with the show will provide six years of hilarious banter.

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