Phoenix Art Museum Announces 2012 Contemporary Forum Award Winners

Phoenix Art Museum. Photo by Bill Timmerman.
Last night, Phoenix Art Museum's Contemporary Forum awarded eight local artists who've made a mark in the contemporary scene. 

The annual event recognizes up to seven emerging Arizona artists with $1,500 grants to purchase materials and one mid-career artist with $5,000 plus a special exhibition of his or her work alongside past award winners.

Artists grants recipients include Irma Sanchez, Kristin Bauer, James Angel, Karolina Sussland, Carolyn Lavender, Nic Wiesinger, and Paul S. Wilson

The Contemporary Forum's Mid-Career Artist Award was given to Annie Lopez

Currently on view at Phoenix Art Museum is a showcase of last year's Contemporary Forum grant winners including Peter Bugg, Cy Edgar Keener and Jay Atherton, William LeGoullon, Melissa Martinez, Aaron Rothman, John Tuomisto-Bell, and Lisa Corine von Koch in the Lyons Gallery. 

Gregory Sale, who was named Contemporary Forum's Mid-Career Artist in 2011, is showing in the museum's Chase Hall. 

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