Chicks at Phoenix Comicon: The Good, The Bad, and The Seriously Impressive

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Benjamin Leatherman
Three signs of a fashionably good Comicon costume: a kickass character, lots of leather/pleather, and a look that would make any Batman do a double take.
Over the weekend, countless Phoenix Comicon girls showed up to Downtown convention rooms dressed (and undressed) as super-heroines and sci-fi divas, including Superwoman, Catwoman, She-Hulk, and plenty of pin-up girls. 

 We showed up and took a few notes. The Good's above, the Bad and the Ugly are after the jump, the girly Comicon slideshow is right here and even more photos from Phoenix Comicon 2012 are right here.

Benjamin Leatherman
Two signs of a fashionably bad Comicon costume: wearing what you wore to last day of class at ASU and not looking all that excited about it.

Benjamin Leatherman
Two signs of a seriously impressive Comicon costume: showing your true colors and causing everyone else at the con to test your anger management.

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