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Pin Up Girl is a weekly guide to all things Pinterest. Our resident pinner, Laura Gill, will take a look at some of the best eye candy from around the web, provide a few pointers on how-to crafts, and weigh in on weekly trends and highlight local and national pin fiends.
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I've grown many things in pots with success -- mostly (legal) herbs -- but the idea of putting things directly into the ground totally paralyzes me. Thankfully, Pinterest offers an abundance of not-your-average-container gardening ideas to keep things interesting and funky. Here are a few of our favorite projects (and a sneak peek into what's coming up on Pin Up Girl) ... 

5. Pallet Gardens

My favorite projects are those using discarded pallets. First, you're re-purposing, so you can feel proud of yourself for going green (in more than one way!). Secondly, pallet hunting is the bomb. You may or may not be stealing, but it's definitely exhilarating (more about pallet hunting next week).

The vertical garden is the first on my list. Life On The Balcony offers a very precise and informative tutorial. I actually have this project in the works and plan to share the details with you next week!

Wine crate garden.jpg

Here is another project very similar the vertical garden, except it lays on the ground.  

If you're really into it, you could build a whole pallet patio with your garden (see above). 

4. Use a Wine Crate
If pallets aren't your thing, perhaps a wine crate garden will do just the trick. I contacted a local liquor store and was granted three lovely boxes. 

Alternatively, you could use this as an excuse to purchase several boxes of wine. (I prefer tequila, so this wasn't an option for me.)

Right now I'm in the process of acquiring a wood sealant for the wine crates, as suggested by Life on the Balcony, but you could also just go for it the way LLH Designs did. 

 Either way you'll need a drill to make holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

I'm planning to use one of the boxes for strawberries and I'll be sure to update you with my progress with this project as well.

Gutter Garden.jpg

3. How About a Gutter Garden?

This gutter garden is a really unique way to spruce up your porch in a functional manner. Visit aha! Home & Garden for a full tutorial and more inspirational photos.

2. Small Space Gardens

If you like to cook but don't like to pay big prices for small amounts of herbs, then you should consider a one-pot indoor herb garden by apartmenttherapy

Apartmenttherapy also shares this idea for those of you who don't have a lot of space. Using a fabric shoe organizer as a planter?! Personally, I can think of no better way to use a shoe organizer.

Find the full tutorial here.

1. Reclaimed Tire Gardens

Finally, I really like the idea of using tires as planters. While there is no tutorial for this, I think the picture explains itself. Now we just need to get a hold of some tires...


Happy Container Gardening!

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