We're Doomed: Firebox Will Put a Small Version of Your Head on an Action Figure (for a Big Price)

Categories: Don't Wear That
Because printing out a small picture of your face and taping it to your favorite Superman doll just wasn't cutting it, the brain trust at toy company Firebox put its 3D printer to use. 

To get a superhero DIY kit, all you have to provide is a front and side profile (think: mugshot) and a superhero of choice. 

Oh, and $127.

Yes, then in a few weeks, you'll receive a box in the mail with your own shrunken (plastic) head, your superhero body and a small bottle of super glue. 

Rip the head off of said superhero, mount your own, display proudly on your desk. 

Oh, and blow up your inflatable date, because if you're willing to spend $127 on a plastic toy and a bottle of glue to create a miniature, superhero version of yourself (note: ALL parts are miniature), you're clearly not getting laid. 

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