Spotted: Tara Logsdon and Her EKL Bearmy on

Tara Logsdon's Bearmy
Local artist Tara Logsdon has been on a mission to rescue teddy bears for years.

She calls herself a surgeon, of sorts, and the legion of bears that she collects and revives with colorful patches, beads and and homemade hearts is her "EKL Bearmy."

And while you can check out a full line of the creations on Logsdon's website, you can also take advantage of Bearmy's special deal on Each bear is $35 to $105, depending on the fabrics and buttons that she uses.

She describes our favorite, called Magic, as a bear who was in "grave need of physical and psychological repair, from a thrift store. After many long hours in the OR spent repairing dismembered appendages using hand-stitching techniques, the patient was given a new heart (to ease abandonment issues) and new eyes (for a new outlook on life)."

Logsdon's Magic
Check out more of Logsdon's bears on They'll be on the flash sale site through Tuesday.

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