Residents of Fucking, Austria Vote to Change the Village's Name

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Changing the name of your hometown might require more effort than you think (especially if you have a alternate name in mind), but as residents of a small area in Austria learned this week, it's going to take a village of 104.

The residents of Fucking, a village in northwest Austria voted to change the area's name this week to Fugging -- only to be notified that the name was already taken by a nearby town whose citizens changed their town's identical name almost a century ago.

Wikimedia Commons
The village is tiny, but is often flooded with tourists posing by its signs, which have been reinforced and placed in cement blocks since 2005 to prevent theft. The "final straw" residents told the Mirror, was when the prank calls started.

The vote will be put back to the people next week with hopes of new name possibilities and potential modifications so that all 104 residents can stop paying to replace the stolen signs and answering prank phone calls.

Important note: if you decide to make the trip before the name changes. Take a mental picture (or maybe an Instagram), as village residents, called Fuckingers, will tell you. There are no fucking postcards.

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