Grand Avenue's Indie Arthouse to Close at the End of April

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Indie Arthouse
Almost a year after Indie ArtHouse, a creative co-op and workspace, opened at 1504 Grand Ave., we spotted a "for lease" notice with the same address on Craigslist. 

Last May, Sticker Club Girl (also known as Lisa Jacobs) opened the shop with a few creative friends who sold their own handmade goods as well as artwork and wares from local artists. 

This week, Jacobs says the spot's future isn't looking too bright.

"It looks like Indie ArtHouse will be closing at the end of the month," says Jacobs. "Each of us had our own vision to follow."

The space has been home to members including Damian Jim, Astrid Guri Olafsen, Tina McReynolds, Kristina Kuhl, Hristi Stoilcheva, Michelle Ponce, Alyssa Shevlin, Brian Harrison, Estrella DeLuna, Joseph Cuevas, and Ethan Brown

As members cycled in and out of the store/gallery/co-op, the group hosted an assortment of workshops and open studios as well as group and solo shows by local artists.

Beatrice Moore, who owns the space, has posted lease information on her Facebook page and on Craigslist.

She says the Arthouse members will be moving out at the end of the month, and that she's not sure what would be the "perfect" fit for the space  (it's been art studio, a gallery, and candy/record store Sweets & Beats). But she does note that she's hoping to find tenants who plan to be open later in the evenings and carry similar hours to her Kooky Krafts arts and supply store and neighboring Bikini Lounge and Trunk Space.

Jacobs says she has no plans of delaying her own creative ventures. "I decided that I need to focus on Sticker Cub Girl, so I will not be staying either way," she says. "This will give me the time to make more art and fashion, and pursue some opportunities! I will still be carrying my stuff in local spaces, and coordinating events around town."

Moore is leasing the 1500 sq ft space for $850 per month. Tenant pays water and electric. For more information, see Moore's listing.

Indie ArtHouse will be hosting No! You Shut the Fuck Up, TOO!, a local poetry night with Aaron Johnson and Jason Alan Davis this Friday from 7 to 10 p.m.. 


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I popped in there a few times and went away thinking that they would have to sell a lot of volume to make the rent, and wasn't sure how realistic that was. I'm sorry to see it go, they had some cute stuff.


still available


"Contact Tony or Beatrice to look at space, but please drive by and look at location and outside of building before calling for an appointment."
translation: this rundown dump is in a really shitty area and 99% of you wouldn't want to lease it for free.


you guys, seriously, just because you smear some pigment on a surface or glue two things together and hang them from a string, it doesn't make you an artist... even if you insist on calling yourselves artists. those participation ribbons that you may have been given by the local artfag community won't pay the $850 per month rent (swamp cooler included!). if you continue making shit that nobody wants, you'll miss the opportunity to go forth and find something that you're actually good at... something of value perhaps.

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt

"Each of us had our own vision to follow"

Translation: Nobody wanted to buy the crap that we were trying to pass off as art.


oh well, maybe they've learned that bad art doesn't sell.

Jason Alan Davis
Jason Alan Davis

From your statement I can tell you have never been in the store mentioned. The contents we're not pigment smeared on a surface. Indie Art House including paintings yet only as a part of a diverse and well stocked collection of diverse products and goods. Almost every member of the co-op their has been making art and selling it in downtown Phoenix and abroad in other cities and possibly states for over ten years.  In a co-op the rent is paid by the members involved and while it is likely some members did not have their personal quality up to that necessary to sustain their investment and make a profit. That is certainly not the case with all of them. In fact I would note that this business stayed afloat for a year. Given real life and attitudes like yours in society... members sometimes have to move on... to deal with a death in the family, other financial problems or concerns ectera. Most of these individuals work full-time jobs on top of their commitments to the business and thusly it is understand that members come and go under such conditions. With a co-op if you can't keep enough members to pay the rent the business is going to shutdown as is the case in my understanding of what occurred. This is not the fault of the members... and it is not the fault of the art. It's more like baseball. You have to forfeit the game if too many people call in sick.

Jason Alan Davis
Jason Alan Davis

Having been in places where your statement might ring true... I can say you are wrong and having done multiple inspections of this location. I can also say that a large percentage of the goods in the store were affordable, itched to get of the shelf and  we're so amazing... you or your wife could easily spend $100 dollars in there and come out happy. It was kept clean. Did not seem to be staffed badly with the doors consistently open ect. By no fault of the goods themselves did this location shut down. There was a ton of good art in this location covering every spectrum in the art world..

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

 Can you do better, anonymous Guest?
I say no, since if you could, you would.

And you don't.

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