An Easter Weekend Burlesque Extravaganza at Goat Head Saloon: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Totally NSFW

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Melissa Fossum
Three signs of a fashionably good Easter weekend burlesque show: fishnets, rhinestones, and matching lingerie.
As Up on the Sun contributor and very brave photographer Melissa Fossum notes, Easter is usually reserved for going to church and hosting Easter egg hunts, but We're All Going to Hell, an Easter edition of burlesque at the Goat Head Saloon, celebrated Jesus' early return with a night of deadly sins and rock 'n roll. 

With one eye open, we took a few fashionable notes. The Good's above, The Bad, The Ugly, and The NSFW are after the jump, and the very sinful, burlesque slideshow is right here.

Melissa Fossum
Two signs of a fashionably bad Easter weekend burlesque show: being equally distracted by an overwhelming amount of lace and a ball gag.
Melissa Fossum
One sign of a fashionably ugly Easter weekend burlesque show: hair that's harder than your ... abs.
Melissa Fossum
It only took one nip slip to make this slideshow officially NSFW. Happy Easter.

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