Ten Favorite Shots in Metro Phoenix

There are just a few more hours until you can kick back and call it a weekend. And if you're looking for adventure (not that you'll remember it tomorrow), we have a few killer concoctions that should get the night going.

Shots are any bartender's excuse to mix a handful of ingredients, get creative (and shamelessly dirty) with a name, and charge a couple bucks to watch a few suckers take it in one gulp. There are plenty of shots to take in the Valley, but here are a few of our favorites:

10.The Tongue in the Panties at Crescent Ballroom
Jamie Rivas, the girl behind the bar at Downtown's new music venue/super-chill hangout spot, The Lounge at Crescent Ballroom, has something she guarantees will kick start the dance party -- a Tongue in the Panties. A mix of Southern Comfort, vodka, amaretto, peach schnapps, OJ, pineapple juice, this concoction guarantees a hangover that's worth every minute.

Nicole Smith
9. The Pink Pussy at Champions Sports Saloon
Andrea Eerdmans at Champions Sports Saloon in Gilbert doesn't beat around the bush. She makes this shot because it adds to her customers' bar tabs without getting them annoyingly wasted, and it's very smooth. Okay, we admit it's hard to get your mind out of the gutter on this one.

Nicole Smith
8. Sex with a Muggle at Turf Irish Pub
Kevin Lamoureaux at Turf Irish Pub in Downtown Phoenix has a little something for all the Harry Potter dweeb fans who know what a "muggle" is. If you don't and just need a quick buzz -- well, bottoms up. The mix of Jagermeister, chambord, madori, sweet & sour, and banana liqueur is a little sweet, a little sour, and somewhat awkward. Sex with a foreign non-magical someone? Yeah, that sounds about right.

7. The Pantie Dropper at Armadillo Grill
Eryn Brody at Armadillo Grill in Phoenix says that this one is her go-to for the chicks at her bar asking for an "easy" shot. Fair warning: This sweet and pungent item -- full of Bacardi limon, chambord, splash of sweet 'n sour and sprite -- might be a little too easy to drop ... in the back of our throats, of course. Boys, feel free to thank Eryn on the tip line of your credit card receipt.

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Kalliope Stage at Crescent Ballroom

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