Taryn Thomas Talks Arizona Porn Star Ball, Jersey Shore XXX, Webcam Girls, and Whether the Valley Will Become America's Next Adult Film Epicenter

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For the past month or so, there's been some scuttlebutt on the web and in the local media that Arizona could become a refuge for adult filmmakers eager to flee the recent law passed by L.A. requiring condom use in hardcore video shot within the city limits.

This speculative exodus of porn producers to Arizona is still very much up in the air, local adult film star Taryn Thomas says it's a definite possibility. Especially since there's been plenty of porn being made behind closed doors across the Valley, as New Times documented in the 2009 cover story on Thomas and Phoenix's burgeoning blue movie industry.

We spoke with Thomas recently about the likelihood of our town becoming the next epicenter of X-rated videos, as well as what she'll be doing at this weekend's Arizona Porn Star Ball in Tempe (which will also function as an adult film convention of sorts) and what it takes to be a "true" adult film star.

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What's your take on the speculation that more porn companies will be moving to Arizona in the wake of the L.A. condom law.
There's a lot speculation, but Arizona is obviously being looked at. I mean, we're having our first porn convention this weekend. It's a big deal. But the fact of the matter is that people have been shooting porno in Arizona for quite some time now. Right now, there are already some big companies here already. And they're some major players. Pink Visual has their headquarters is in Tucson and that is one of the larger adult film companies in the business right. And then you have Lightspeed Media, which is one of the larger web companies for web stuff.

Have any major-name porn companies definitively stated they're coming to Arizona?
Companies are definitely looking at Arizona. The Arizona Porn Star Ball is definitely gonna bring a lot of people here and it's a very big sign of things to come. It's a sign that hello, what do you thinks coming here next, like bigger companies. So this is could be the next porn valley, we don't know yet.

But it isn't like the adult industry doesn't have some big plan. They're not going to paint a huge target on themselves by announcing they're moving to any state. Just say they're going there and that's that. Wherever companies choose to go - be it Miami, Las Vegas, Arizona, New York - its just going to happen. You also have to take in considerations that the [condom] law is only for L.A. County only. They may also go off grid and shoot outside of L.A.

How big is the porn industry in Phoenix and the whole state?
It's already like a mini-Porn Valley. There's a lot of web-only content that's shot here. We breed so many porn stars in Arizona it's not funny. There's a lot of it going on but does anybody even know we're shooting here? Probably not. I mean, really, we've been shooting porno here for quite some time and all the holy rollers want to think that we're gonna turn every area into the slums of south Phoenix. Scottsdale hasn't turned into skid row. And hell is not going to fly outta the sky when and if we were to shoot more porno here.

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