Sweeping Beauty by Niels Shoe Meulman (VIDEO)

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Niels Shoe Meulman via Unruly Gallery
Niels Shoe Meulman is the name (and man) behind the art of Calligraffiti.

The artist and graphic designer was raised in Amsterdam, where he gained notoriety in graffiti circles through his tag, "Shoe." Since meeting and collaborating with New York artists Dondi, Rammellzee, Haze, Quik and Keith Haring in the '80s, he's become a household name with a distinctive style. 

He describes his work as "traditional handwriting with a metropolitan attitude." His messages have been left on walls, papers, silk scarves, and canvases in ink and paint.

He recently completed his latest ephemeral piece, Sweeping Beauty, in water on concrete. 

See more of his work on his website, and check out his process in the video below: 

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