St. Patrick's Day in Scottsdale: The Good, The Bad, and the Definitely Not Irish

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Ryan Wolf
Three signs of a fashionably good St. Patrick's Day: blazers, beer, and a whole lot of, um, green.
The "Ultimate" St. Patrick's Day Block Party could only happen in Scottsdale. Participating bars including Dos Gringos, Upper Deck, and Roc Bar hosted a morning, afternoon, and evening full of live music, street food, and drunk green people. We checked out the scene and took a few fashionable notes. The Good's above, the Bad and the Ugly are after the jump, and the whole flashy, festive slideshow is right here.
Ryan Wolf
Two signs of a fashionably bad St. Patrick's Day: pleather pants and looking like you just fell out of a box of lucky charms.
Ryan Wolf
One sign of a fashionably ugly St. Patrick's Day: attempting a bikini and the wink you've been practicing since the last Paddy's Day in the mirror after a couple rounds ...
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