The Five Worst Wedding Trends Found on Pinterest

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Pinterest is a place for inspiration, procrastination, and marination on every detail in your future hopeful wedding. And as we approach the high season of nuptials and pending vows, we'd like to prepare you for the worst of the worst.

With any luck, these trends that have been pinned, liked, and repinned by hundreds (and thousands) of brides-to-be will soon suffer a death by social media.

5. Themed Engagement Photos
We get it: you're engaged. And if your husband-to-be makes it through any of your ideas of staging a reenactment of The Notebook, Up, or your first encounter at Starbucks (and even role-plays the barista), he's officially been warned for what's to come.

4. Ombre ... everything.If you're at all familiar with the ombre obsession on Pinterest, you've undoubtedly seen the countless hairstyles, nail jobs, and pseudo tie-dye attempts at any designer's worst enemy (the gradient). Buckle up, wedding hopefuls, solids are so yesterday, and your future's about to light ... and then dark again.

3. Lace Balloons
Try it. We dare you.

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