Seven Things We Loved that Died this Week on Pinterest

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​Oh, it's a curse to have a good eye. Those who used to spend hours gleaning the latest Crate and Barrel catalogs and pages of Martha Stewart and ReadyMade (RIP), gathering inspiration for their next home-improvement projects and party ideas, now only have to install a small button on the top of their browsers and hit "Pin It." 

Yes, Pinterest is like a great way to organize ideas, share our latest finds with friends, and show the world that we're damn crafty, but it also continues to sever the life expectancy of a few of our favorite things, which after being introduced to the pin cloud, liked by thousands, and repinned by a thousand more, go to die in the land of "oh, yeah, I pinned that yesterday." 

It's a cruel death by social media. Thanks to Pinterest, here are seven things we'll miss. 

3561 likes 176 comments 40,072 repins
Affiliations aside, Easter's fun. The holiday brings about a pallet of pastels, cute bunny marshmallows, and countless ways to organize and reorganize our baskets and centerpieces à la Matthew Mead. 

And then they were Pinned. More than 40,000 repins later, we're wishing we'd never searched egg dying and jelly bean jars.


6. Your Outfit
325 likes 11 comments 1840 repins
Nothing beats dark jeans and neutrals -- especially when paired with a killer cardigan and a few bangles).

Remember that feeling when you noticed that girl across the room who was clearly wearing the same American Apparel V-neck, Anthropologie necklace, Kate Spade bracelets, thin-rimmed Ray Bans, skinny jeans, and slightly scuffed Chuck Taylors?

Try 1,840 of 'em. Bitches.

5. Ryan Gosling
505 likes 78 comments 13266 repins
Ryan Gosling's been breaking hearts since his big debut on The Mickey Mouse Club. He's played misfits, hopeless romantics, and a hot guy in a leather jacket who drives a car.

Yep, he does that brooding artist thing all too well, but his street cred and mysterious charm has taken a dive since his big debut on Pinterest... then and the meme universe.


4. Your French Bulldog


193 likes 14 comments 1011 repins
We get it. He's cute


3. Your Laundry Room
1383 likes 33 comments 9525 repins
​The only thing worse than procrastinating on doing the latest laundry is the feeling after you've successfully avoided the laundry room by looking at pictures of other people's laundry rooms.

Oh, the disappointment.

No, our laundry rooms will never look as sterile and quite as inviting (especially with our track lighting that is so five years ago). Most of all, it will never lack so much ... laundry.

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