The Twilight Engagement Ring: Because This is Close as You're Going to Get

Ladies (and sparkly man fans), take a deep breath. 

In the final trailer for "Eclipse," you may have spotted Bella Swan's engagement ring. Yes, the one you screen-grabbed and set as your desktop, pinned on your latest "just in case" wedding inspiration board on Pinterest, and then printed, folded, and placed under your lucky man's pillow. 

Now, light another candle in your shrine to Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, because (to the horror of fiances everywhere) the ring can really, truly be yours. 
Given: You're not going to get the guy. Closing your eyes, sprinkling glitter on your bed sheets, and keep him inside while asking him to apathetically stare at things is only going to go so far. 
But, yes, the ring is up for grabs. 

Meyer, in a last-ditch effort to make some cash please her fans, co-designed the ring with Infinite Jewelry Co. that matches the one described in the novel and is already available at three price levels: 

Fashion: $35 
Fine: $479 
Genuine: $2700 already on sale for $2,299

That's right, even if your guy has a great sense of logic and would rather give you a ring that doesn't look like your fantasy-land, cracker jack version, you can go buy one for yourself, run a bath, and not feel too bad about it. Plus, every order can be canceled within three days. 

Now, let's go back to that trailer ... (and exhale). 

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Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

 Twilight is one of my favorite movie and the rings which was shown during the final trailer of "Eclipse" is really very much beautiful... every guys wants to own one like the shown so that he can give it as a gift to his partner and show the same affection and love which was showed in the movie.....

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