The Sock Shoe: Yeah, Because Shoes Are So Yesterday

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​Shoes are such a hassle. 

They keep your feet dry, they match your jeans, and they're super handy when you want to kick something and not break a bone. 

Socks, on the other hand (especially of the "toe" variety) are awesome. They don't have laces, they're durable, they can be thrown in the washer, and now, they can be worn without their counterparts. 

Introducing the Protection Sock (yes, of the "foot" variety), an impossibly uglier version of the FiveFingers.

The sock, made of 8 percent spandex, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester, 50 percent kevlar (in case your feet are dodging bullets ... which, if you're wearing these, they should be). And the bottoms are reinforced with cut-resistant PVC laminate. 

And for a cool $78 (yeah, way cheaper than shoes) on the Swiss Barefoot Company's website, they're all yours. 

Check out how you can score ladies on the beach in your Protection Socks below:


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78 dollars for sox.... Your crazy! I dont need bullet proof sox hajajajajajajaj

A Biker
A Biker

I saw these things on tv about 8 months ago. why is new times so slow and behind the times?

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