The Oscars: The Good, The Bad, and a Whole Lot of Right Leg

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​ Welcome to the Morning Buzz, a catch-up on interesting happenings around the city and country and a quick guide to what (and who) to keep your eyes on. We'll be here, first thing every weekday, to get you going. Here's what's buzzing this morning:

Today's buzz is bound to be all-things-Oscars. For everything you already know (thanks to your friends on Twitter), check out the Oscars website. For a quick recap, keep reading: 

The Good:
- Meryl Streep's acceptance speech after winning best actress for "The Iron Lady": "When they called my name I had this feeling I can hear half of America going, 'Oh no, oh come on, why her, again? ... But whatever."

- Milla Jovovich in a dress by Elie Saab. 

- (Another) Scorsese-inspired Oscars drinking game. Well played. 

- Chris Rock on animation

- A very cool performance from Cirque de Soleil (skip to 1:00).

The Bad:
- Stacey Keibler and Virginia Madsen's dresses. 

- The Oscars 2012: Saving all the awards we care about for the last 30 minutes. 

- Only two nominations for "Original Song." We love the Muppets, but really? 

- Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

- Ellen DeGeneres for JCPenney (in case you didn't TiVo).

Angelina Jolie's Right Leg: 

- Shot from all angles.

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Ha, Jolie"s leg!  Posing on the red carbet was what they do but when she got up on
stage and stuck out that leg, she looked ridiculous. When she did it, everyone is 
our room cracked up laughing.  Next time just tattoo LOOK AT ME on your forehead!!


oops, that's carPet

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