Dita Von Teese Lingerie for Target: The Good, The Bad, and The Drool-Worthy

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Courtesy of Von Follies By Dita Von Teese at Target
Dita Von Teese in a Von Follies bustier
Let's not pussyfoot around. We all know that lingerie's function is to spur, enhance, and spice up your sexual encounters.

That's why we weren't at all surprised when we heard that burlesque beaut Dita Von Teese was releasing a line of naughty negligees through collab-crazed Target. (We recently reviewed Jason Wu's diffusion line for the retailer.)

But, before you get your lacy panties in a bunch while unsuccessfully searching for Von Teese's pin-up pretties, ranging from $19 thongs to $145 for a chemise, at your neighborhood big box shop, take note: It's only available in Australia -- for now anyway. The line is set to expand globally over the next year. 

And that means we have plenty of time to pick apart the Von Follies collection of bustiers, bras, and bottoms. 

4 Things We Wouldn't Be Caught In Half Naked

1. Blue-Black Stretch Lace Full Briefs:
We will never, ever accept granny panties as legitimately sexy. Unless you're into grannies? Apart from how massive and belly-button-surpassing this pair is, if you don't happen to have a tiny 21-inch waist (like the Queen of Burlesque herself), these big ol' bloomers will, undoubtedly, accentuate to your muffin top.

2. Animal Print Fitted Chemise:
We are crazy for leopard print in small doses. But large blocks of the wild pattern can look garish. Kind of like this.

3. Animal Print Suspender:
There's a reason ladies don't wear garters, suspenders, and thigh-highs with much (if any) regularity anymore. And that's because, in spite of their come-hither design, they're a genuine pain in the ass.

4. Blue-Black Stretch Lace Balconette Bra:
Frilly underthings can be fun, but not when they're impossible to hide under your clothes. Nobody at your office wants to see your froufrou bra trim popping out from under your button-down. (Okay, maybe that one really creepy guy would.)

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I think Paul Babeu would look smashing in that Animal print fitted chemise.  


They are not available at Target in Australia, they are available at Target Australia - it is a COMPLETELY different company!


No, it's Target in Australia, same old Target that everyone knows.  Note the address: http://www.target.com.au/html/...  And the big red target logo (TM) is kind of a giveaway, too.   Haven't checked yet to see what their international shipping policy is.


They don't have one. And Bearhair is right. No relationship between the companies. A Target is a pretty obvious logo for a company called 'Target' though, right?


It's only the "same old Target" if you live in Australia. 

The much larger Target company, based in the US, is a completely different company and has dubious philanthropic policies. 

Target Australia's website has the following on its footer:"Target Australia Pty Ltd is part of the Wesfarmers Ltd group and has no affiliation with Target Corporation US".

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