Tania Katan on Breast Cancer, "Survivability," and Her Experiences with The Susan G. Komen Foundation

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Tania Katan
Local playwright, actor, and writer Tania Katan grew up in Phoenix, moved away, and (lucky for us) came back. She's given presentations and performances, coached local authors, and written plays, including Saving Tania's Privates. Her latest book is My One-night Stand With Cancer.

Last April, Katan gave a presentation at TEDxScottsdale's Urban Sustainability series called The Power of Voice: Survivability, Sustainability and Nudity, in which she emphasized the importance of voicing opinions, asking questions, and sharing experiences.

The video of her presentation (which you can see after the jump) and her experience at a recent Race for the Cure has since been re-shared across social media networks in the past few days in reaction to The Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Katan says the video still sums up her beliefs and opinions regarding the issue and the foundation. But also, that she'd like to add this:

"What happened to me at the Race for The Cure broke my heart, made me cry, was shaming and misguided," she says. "I also want to say that because Susan G. Komen is the umbrella for all the local factions, I have had some wonderful interactions with SGKs in Tucson, Seattle and other places. That's what's so odd about a seemingly autocratic decision."

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