Sticker Phiends 5: MADONE's Big Plans for a Return in October

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​It's no secret that we're big fans of stickers. And if you've been to any of longtime Phoenix artist MADONE's annual Sticker Phiends shows, you're likely to understand our obsession.

When MADONE jumped on the Portland bandwagon last year, he said he wasn't sure he'd be bringing the event back to his hometown. 

But a short year later, he posted a flier and gave the green light -- Sticker Phiends is back for a fifth year and is currently scheduled for October. 

Claire Lawton
Scenes from Sticker Phiends 4 in Tempe

​MADONE says plans are in the works, though he notes he still has to get the Portland event (on April 7) behind him before he gets into gear and buys a ticket to Phoenix. 

Last year's event was at Cartel Coffee Lab and featured sticky work for sale, trade and up for grabs by OBEY, Dumperfoo, MADONE, HMPH, Griffin One, and Cryptik (check out a few of our favorites here). 

Stay tuned for details ... 

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