10 Places to Plot, Party, and Recoup Like a Baseball Wife (VIDEO)

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Chantel Confronts Erika.jpg
Chantel confronts Erika at Modern Steak
7. Modern Steak
Girls gotta eat, and for the Baseball Wives there's no better spot to grab a bite (and a cocktail) than at an eatery located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

In episode two, he ladies lunch at the restaurant, which serves as the scene of their first fight, and Chantel pounces on Erika for calling her "bottom of the barrel."

6. Montelucia Resort & Spa
Since you can't possibly party 24 hours a day seven days a week (and neither can these botoxed babes), a little relaxation is in order every once in a while. 

Chantel gets a pedicure at Joya to decompress and dish a whole lotta gossip about Anna to secondary cast member and pal Shayla Farnsworth. Around this time, Chantel plots revenge against Anna (who demanded that Chantel forgive Erika for barrelgate) and decides to invite Anna's rival Cherie to town.

5. Giant Coffee
Chantel has a little rendezvous with Cherie at Matt Pool's downtown cash-only coffee house. Over espresso and what looks like an iced latte, Chantel convinces Cherie to crash the cast's upcoming pin-up photo shoot for a charity calendar, in hopes that the situation will blow up.

4. Casablanca Lounge
After the disastrous photo shoot, Cherie and the cast take to the Scottsdale rooftop bar, and she explains how Anna "tortured" her when she was a player's girlfriend, calling her trash and a homewrecker.

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The Mint

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