Muscle Leggings: For When You'd Rather Look Like Fresh Meat

You know what's so great about the human body? 


It's that extra top layer of dead cells that covers up our tissues, muscles, bones, and otherwise, meat-looking parts. It's a good thing. 

But what's probably not such a good thing is strutting around in a pair of leggings that show exactly what you wished your ass looked like underneath the leggings (and skin) and instead, looking like you belong on a skillet. 

Yep, for a cool $80, you can own up to the fact that everyone's looking at you like a piece of bacon (and they are).  

Muscle Leggings were created by Australian designer James Lillis for online clothing store Black Milk

"This is an idea that we have been thinking about for a while," he writes. "A few people encouraged me to do it but I never quite got around to it. Then I got a spare afternoon one day and decoded (sic) to have a good go at making it work."

Two words, James Lillis: No go. 

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BlackMilk designs clothing that is original and pushes boundaries. Isnt that what the job of a fashion-forward designer is? Fashion is not made for the simpleton females who wear crocs and surf shorts. It's too bad that they induce such anger at the designer for expressing creativity. Keep doing what you're doing, BlackMilk. After all, Americans are chronic for their poor fashion sense and inability to accept the unfamiliar. What was that, Phoenix?

Tiffe Fermaint
Tiffe Fermaint

I LOVE black milk. been a fan of their amazing Lycra prints since their first bathing suit production. Might look rad in an editorial but you're right, Claire. A bit too cray cray for the every day.

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