Meat Market Vintage Now Open on Mill Avenue

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meat market main.JPG
Photo by Becky Bartkowski, mural by Jessica Jordan
Cory Martinez and Ben Funke
​A couple months back, after spending an afternoon drooling over eBay shop Meat Market Vintage's eclectic, sometimes out-there stock, we mooned over the possibility that the couple who run the online store, Cory Martinez and Ben Funke, might someday have a place where we could admire their funky wares IRL.

So, when the duo announced via Facebook that they were opening up a brick-and-mortar storefront while continuing to sell their vintage finds online, we were pretty ecstatic -- and momentarily convinced that we had psychic capabilities.

Today, Meat Market Vintage is open for business. The small store is located at 1020 S. Mill Avenue in Tempe -- in the same unit that used to house Three Roots Cafe, which has now been halved. (For info on what's happening in the other half, Flavors, we'll refer you to our sister blog Chow Bella.)

meat market mural.JPG
Photo by Becky Bartkowski, mural by Jessica Jordan
Taking cues from San Francisco vintage boutiques and aesthetic concepts from the industrial vibes of local coffee houses, Meat Market is outfitted with metal pipes for racks, a cement slab counter, black rafters, and cement floors.

It makes for a clean canvas for the colorful clothes that Meat Market is known for snapping up and offering to daring shoppers. With the exception of a soon-to-be-colored mural logo from Wet Paint owner Jessica Jordan, the walls are stark white.

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Meat Market Vintage

1020 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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