We Need To Talk About Kevin Star Ezra Miller Talks About Kevin, Celebrity, and Working with Tilda Swinton

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Ezra Miller stars with Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin, currently playing at Harkins Camelview.
It is probably only a natural result of the historical arc of democratization that celebrity today requires little more than Tweeting racy photos and being combatively untalented. 

In this new-media model of fame, Ezra Miller is decidedly out of place: a relic of the Old World hierarchies - like the absurdly admirable pedigree of the cast of The Vampire Diaries - who speaks more to an era when we believed that those with fame and fortune were actually, if only a little, better than the rest of us.

The 19-year-old Miller, an indie darling for his deft portrayal of conflicted teens in films like City Island, is currently the talk of Tinseltown for his chilling turn as Kevin in We Need to Talk About Kevin. Impossibly well-spoken, Miller combines a keen intellectual curiosity with the striking bone structure and tussled, devil-may-care looks of a Calvin Klein Model - quite likely the image Plato had in mind when describing his philosopher kings.

We spoke with Miller about the film, working with Tilda Swinton (who portrays Kevin's mother), and why he calls his generation "rather monstrous."

So what drew you to the role of Kevin?

Essentially, just this incredibly complicated human being, incredibly challenging to understand...came from a primal place that I could understand, that I felt I had a channel into. And it was just sort of an exciting prospect to play a role like that, which in the context of this film, in the way it was written, clearly showcased its brilliance and how thoroughly involving and demanding this film would be. So it was kind of just one of those dreamy moments when you read a script and realize that you have the tools and the capacity to properly contribute to the collaboration of making this work of art possible. And then really just, you know, trying to prove that to everyone became the process thereafter for about two years...I auditioned maybe six times to prove that I could properly contribute to what was going to be such a great work of art.

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Miller, as Kevin, with his bow and arrows. Miller took archery lessons to prepare for the role.

How did you prepare for the role?

You know, it came down to a lot of time spent alone and brooding. Also I took some archery lessons...and I spent a long time sort of going through the moments of this kid's life, both the ones in the story and others, trying to build the formative timeline to understand where his needs and wants come from and how they grow over time. It was a great film to do that with because I had two younger actors who were bringing some of those moments and reality to life, and so the reality of the character was kind of fleshed out to a remarkable degree. That was what I just really tried to marinate in and just become saturated with as much as I could before we took on the present.

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