Eye Lounge Call for Artists, Boozy Geniuses, and Kate Spade Valentines

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Welcome to the Morning Buzz, a catch-up on interesting happenings around the city and country and a quick guide to what (and who) to keep your eyes on. We'll be here, first thing every weekday, to get you going. Here's what's buzzing this morning: 


1. 6x6 at Eye Lounge 
This March, Downtown's Eye Lounge gallery will kick off it's annual 6x6 fundraiser show. Proceeds raised will fund repairs, operations, special projects, and catalogs. The group of local artists who run the gallery are currently looking for artwork in a 6-by-6 inch format that will hang on the wall during Art Detour. All artwork will be sold for $20 a piece, and the proceeds from the show will be donated to Eye Lounge. To participate, check out instructions on the Eye Lounge website.

2. Smart Kids Grow Up to Be Heavier Drinkers
According to American and British long-term studies, there's a correlation between young brains and boozy habits. 

Both studies found that "more intelligent children in both studies grew up to drink alcohol more frequently and in greater quantities than less intelligent children." 


Bri Emery for Kate Spade

​​3. V-Day for Slackers
If you're still on the hunt for the perfect Valentine and haven't had time to scour the racks, take a quick look at Kate Spade's annual e-cards. 

Perfect for slackers, cute for Valentines, and sure to win you some brownie points in the hipster category.

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