Call for Artists: Indie Arthouse Looking for New Members

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Indie Arthouse set up shop on Grand Avenue last May. And with the help of local artist Lisa Jacobs (aka Sticker Club Girl), the gallery/boutique has been a landing spot for creatives and a great place to see and buy the latest work by members including Astrid (of Runz withScissors and SafetyThird), Brian Harrison, Damian Jim, Hristi Stoilcheva, Joseph Cuevas & Vidrio Man, Kristi Kuhl (of Beaded Dreams), Alyssa Shevlin, Tina McReynolds, and Star DeLuna.  

If you've been looking to get in on a creative co-op and some space to sell your work and host workshops alongside Downtown artists, you're in luck. Starting today, Indie Arthouse is accepting applications for new members. 

Jorge Salazar
Artist Brian Harrison at his show "Brian Harrison @ 50: 30 Years of Artwork" at Indie Arthouse in September.
The collective is looking for local artists who are "committed to being involved with a local artist-run co-op." 

Jacobs says the location is open for First and Third Fridays, as well as for regular store hours (Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.).

Questions and statements can be sent to For more info, check out Indie Arthouse's Facebook page.

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