10 Favorite Street Art Sightings in Phoenix

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Rogue Green
3.  Phoenix Wishlist
​On a hot Saturday in May, Stacey Champion of Rogue Green gathered a few volunteers and members of Keep Phoenix Beautiful to clean up a neglected stretch of Fourth Street from Roosevelt to Garfield streets in downtown Phoenix. The group then installed a Candy Chang-inspired chalkboard piece that encourages community members to leave wishes for the Downtown area.

Claire Lawton, mural by DOSE
In October, 2011 local artist DOSE put the finishing touches on three big words that scroll across the 20-by-125 foot, west-facing wall of Michael Levine's Seed & Feed Warehouse. It's the first effort DOSE has made in in what he calls a "social political form of graffiti." 

DOSE said in October that he hoped the mural (and a bunch of others like it, if he can get the support and wall space) will give local graffiti a new angle -- and scale."We can use graffiti for what it was intended," he says. "And hopefully projects like these can give local graffiti artists a chance to start putting more conscious messages on the streets instead of just our names."

Catherine Slye
1. PBR Checklist on GreenHaus
The large brick building at 222 E. Roosevelt has gone through a few transformations in the last two years. The brick was slapped with an advertisement/new paint job in June 2010 by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Luckily, the contract was short. 

Before the mural was painted over with a dark red (it's now bright green), a much-needed, artistic observation was made in black paint.

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