10 Favorite Street Art Sightings in Phoenix

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photo by Jamie Peachey, Jetsonorama and Thomas Marcus on Seventh Street.
6. Jetsonorama's Postcard on Seventh Street
Jetsonorama is a longtime documentary photographer who creates black-and-white photographs in 3-foot strips before pasting them onto roadside stands, water tanks, and billboards in Shonto, Arizona. In December 2011, the artist collaborated with Thomas Marcus on a billboard installation on 16th Street

Later that month, he printed out an image Brazilian photographer Raul Zito captured in Sao Paulo and pasted it on Seventh Street (with details painted by Thomas Marcus). Jetsonorama called it a postcard, a tribute to Zito who had pasted one of his pieces in Brazil. 

Claire Lawton, stencils by Nomas
5. Nomas' Madonna on Cartel Downtown
No doubt, Nomas is one of the best stencil artists in town. Each of his stencils is hand-cut, hand-sprayed, and hand-pasted on ... well, whatever he sees fit. A few weeks ago, we spotted a series of his pieces in the heart of downtown Phoenix. 

photo by MADONE
4. I am Banksy
Sticker Phiends is one of the biggest annual celebrations of local street art. For the past five years, an artist named MADONE was able to herd artists who work with sticker, wheat paste, and spray paint media to create some of the best ephemera in town. Right before 2011's party, a creative mind (or two) wrote short confession to the Tempe community. 

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