The Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: Where Everyone is a Runner

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Not all Phoenix fun comes with dim lighting and fancy cocktails. Sometimes, there's nothing better than endorphins, sunshine, and sweat. Lover of all things outdoors, The Outsider explores the more natural side of Phoenix.
​January 15 is the day that everyone can call themselves a runner with New Year's resolutions made only weeks before. Ankles will be sprained. Goals will be met. 

The annual Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series features a full marathon, a half marathon, and a two-person, half marathon relay. The series kicks off this weekend and runners, joggers, walkers, and plenty of spectators will flood Tempe and Downtown to check out the muscles (and the bands). 

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The marathon begins at Downtown's CityScape at 7:24 a.m, and the half marathoners kick off at 7:30 a.m. at Mill and 3rd Avenue in Tempe.

Those who have been training, watching their diets, and prepping for the upcoming race are expected to finish under two hours for the half marathon and under four hours for the full. For everyone else, it's a more of a toss up. 

The marathon tends to reign in a wide selection of participants --  buff gym devotees sign up on a whim, convinced of their invincibility. Stay-at-home moms show up ready to walk with strollers in hand. Completely smitten by a race called Rock 'N' Roll, cool kids show up in jean shorts and vans ready to wheeze and chafe. Some just show up to enjoy the weather.

The end result is a chaotic mess of smelly, sore, often costumed individuals who are either ready to celebrate or pass out completely. It's a fun time. No really, it is.

There is live music at every mile, and the B-52s rock the main stage at 12:30 p.m. and finishers are greeted with food, drink, music, and celebrations. 

If you decide to join the masses and try your luck at a marathon, please remember that 26.2 miles is a REALLY long distance (and so is 13.1 for that matter). Be smart, don't push yourself too hard, drink water, stretch -- you know the drill. And seriously, wear some sunscreen.

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