Spotted: antigirl's "Love Life" Hearts on

When we talked to Tiphanie Brooke a few weeks ago about her design for New Times' Resolution Guide, she said a few of her Valentine-inspired designs would be up for sale soon. 

True to her word, you now have approximately one day and 20 hours to snag one of her limited-edition prints on the membership-based, daily deal website,

Love Life by Tiphanie Brooke
​The local designer's Love Life prints (which you might have seen pasted on a few walls in downtown Phoenix) are one-color silkscreens and are hand embossed on French Poptone paper. Each comes signed and numbered.

Brooke started her series, described as "the kind of advice we'd all do better to live by," last year. 

And while you can check out a full line of her creations on her website, you can also take advantage of the Fab's deal -- $32 per print, or  $161 for a set of six -- right here

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