Pajama Jeans for Men: Oh Yeah, They're Here.

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The days of casual Christmas-plaid boxers and greased up, low-rise jeans may be long gone, but with a few clicks and a quick machine wash, the Knit Jean Lounge Pants from Lakeside Collection can bring it all back to life. 

OK, maybe not all of it. 

The elastic-waisted, drawstring pants are 100 percent cotton, which means the denim details, shitty patch jobs, and the all-too-terrifying button fly are painted details that'll definitely fool your girlfriend Cheeto-covered roommate into thinking you do real man stuff and know how to patch it all up at the end of the day. 

The introduction of the men's fake-ass lounge pants comes as no surprise, as it was only time before the fashionable brain trust behind Lakeside Collection ripped off the wildly popular female sex-repellant, Pajama Jeans

The fake jeans/boxers/easy-access pajamas come in medium (32/34), large (36/38) and x-large (40/42), will go great with a pair of JeanPants -- yes, you still need to wear underwear -- and they're all yours for a cool $13

Note: Six-pack abs and a sweet bachelor pad (as pictured above) are not included. 

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