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Main Street in downtown Mesa

Despite the fact that Downtown Mesa took a major hit last month when two of its beloved businesses (Evermore Nevermore and The Royale) closed down, there's no need to think it's the beginning of the end for the area's recent resurgence.

After all, Phoenix's Roosevelt Row has weathered the loss of more than a few cool shops and galleries over the years, partly due to the influx of even cooler businesses that replaced 'em.

We're hoping such will be the case in Mesa and that a new flock of entrepreneurs will open up shop along Main Street sometime in 2012. And apparently, so do the residents of the suburban city, as the Mesa City Council has been accepting ideas from its citizens about how to improve its downtown area.

Much like we did for Mill Avenue and Roosevelt Row, we've got a few suggestions on our wish lists about what we'd love to see spring up in Mesa. Read on and see if you agree.

Cowtown Skateboards
7. A Skateboard Shop
The suburbs have always been major havens for skaters and Mesa is no exception. It boasts more skate parks than other cities in the Valley (save for Phoenix), and plenty of cats flying around empty neighborhood pools or jumping off landmarks. We've seen more than a few skaters doing their thing downtown before heading to The Underground to check out a hardcore show, so a groovy shop similar to Cowtown Skateboards would give them a place to grab some gear or upgrade their decks.

6. A Bar, Pub, or Nightclub
If Mesa's city fathers want to encourage people to visit downtown Mesa after dark, the place will definitely need a few more nightlife establishments. One or two alcohol emporiums are already located on Main (like Kirk's Sports Grill), so why not add a swank cocktail lounge or a laidback joint with a killer selection of spirits?

In fact, brewpub and nightclubs are among some of the top suggestions that have been submitted to the to the city council as a part of the aforementioned idea program.

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"The monthly Motorcycles on Main and Second Fridays are well and good, but there are at least 363 other days where few - if any - people are about"...Um...that's two days a month, times twelve = 24, so 365 - 24 =341 days where there are few people about, thank you!  And the light rail will be rolling right through downtown 2015/2016.  Arcades?!  Wake up and smell the 90s!


There is a lot of great ideas being tossed around with downtown Mesa, but shopkeepers don't want to stay open and some of the themes they come up with for these "special events" don't apply to all of the shops on Main St or even go along with the general holidays of the year. Best way to get things done is to contact the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Mesa Association, and the Mesa City Council and spread the word to other locals about what you want to see happening down here. 

Rusted Halo
Rusted Halo

I've actually been thinking about carrying art supplies at The Rusted Nail Gallery. I mean we already carry DIY designer art figures and I do have a wholesale account with Apex so I can get Monster Kolor paints. So I'll see what I can do to make #4 happen in 2012

Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson

Specifically (if anyone besides me is curious), it's $1.75 more for an all-day transit pass that includes buses than it is for an all-day transit pass that includes Metro light rail only (which costs the same as two one-way light rail fares). If you actually use public transit to get around, that's a good deal. (It's less if you're disabled or 18 or younger or 65 or older with ID.) And even if you're only using it to enjoy the pleasures of downtown Mesa (unless you aren't taking a bus to catch the light rail to go to Mesa in the first place, or you only have enough cash to get to Mesa and were planning on panhandling your return fare), it's still a pretty good deal.

That said, drunk people don't plan ahead, and a shuttle would be great PR and might spur people to become more aware of their other transit options.

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