Lawn Gnome: An Indie Book Store Coming Soon to Roosevelt Row

Local poet Aaron Johnson started his own grassroots publishing company when he saw designer and poet John Kofonow read a poem about Lawn Gnomes in Studio 111 in Flagstaff. 

More than six years later, the two, along with Ernesto Moncada and Lauren Perry are setting up shop on Roosevelt Row. 

Lawn Gnome, at 905 N. 5th Street (formerly Galeria de los Muertos) will sell used books and literary classics, as well as poetry, graphic fiction, zines, and photography books created by local creatives. 

Johnson writes that Lawn Gnome's mission is to write, design, print, trim, bind, sell, and be a launching pad for talented artists who have never published a book before. They've published works by  Heather Fraley, Brenda Vidonic, Aaron Johnson, Ernesto Moncada, Lauren Perry, Joseph Nieves, Chesko, The Klute, Jeremiah Blue, Myrlin Hepworth, and Ben Jammin'. 

The group is currently raising money on Kickstarter for set-up and supplies before they officially open on February 1. 

Check out the Lawn Gnome website and the video below for more information:
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