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Actor Jason Mewes has had a colorful life, to say the least. He's become a hero to slackers, stoners, and college kids everywhere after spending the better part of the last 18 years playing Jay, the foul-mouthed, drug-dealing sidekick to Silent Bob in the comedies of director Kevin Smith.

In real life, Mewes is just as much of a potty-mouthed vulgarian as his alter ego, albeit a friendly one, who's gotten into plenty of mishaps and misadventures over the years. In fact, Smith has spun many a tall tale about tales of his best friend's exploits during lengthy Q&A sessions around the world.

Besides achieving a certain infamy both onscreen and off, Mewes has also endured the ups and downs of opiate addiction for more than a decade, which nearly destroyed his life and severely tested his longtime friendship with Smith (who played the role of Silent Bob). The good news, however, is that Mewes has turned things around, has been clean for almost two years, and is acting up a storm in TV shows like Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and flicks like Silent But Deadly and Big Money Rustlas.

He's also been busy the last few years recording his hit podcast "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" with Smith, which was named one of the Best Podcasts of 2010 on iTunes. The weekly gabfest features the pair spinning funny (and utterly filthy) tales or just cracking wise with one another.

Mewes, who will record a live edition of the podcast with Smith later tonight at Stand-Up Live, took time to speak with Jackalope Ranch earlier this week about sobriety, his sordid past, and how some fans will always think of him as Jay the drug dealer.

"Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" is basically you and Kevin Smith hanging, shooting, the shit, and swapping stories, correct?
Yeah, pretty much. He started the SModcasts years ago with [his producer] Scott Mosier, and they go off on stories and stuff. And I've filled in a few times and I really dug it and I wanted to do a podcast.

It's also you and Kevin being completely unfiltered, correct? Just saying anything and everything when it comes to sex, drugs, or whatever?
Totally. The other day my buddy asked me, "Has there been anything you guys haven't talked about?" And it made me think, yeah, it's really unfiltered. We talk about everything. If we're on a roll and I might start talking about my wife, even if she's there.

How did the Jay and Silent Bob podcast get started?
I was six years sober and I'd had surgery and then wound up messing up for about 14-15 months and doing drugs again. When I was sober again for a few months, I was telling Kevin that I wasn't really accountable to anybody during that time. He was like, "This is perfect. Why don't we do a podcast and talk about everything that's going on. You get to share with me every week, but not only that, whoever listens, you're accountable to them." Every week we sit there and tell stories, but for me it's a little more than that.

So it was born out of Kevin's desire to check up on you see where you're at after your relapse?
Yes, exactly.

So is podcasting therapy for you?
Definitely. It's therapy in the sense that I get to talk about everything going on with me weekly or to remind of stuff that's happened. I can laugh about that sorta stuff now, like when my couch got set on fire. Then, it wasn't funny...but I get to talk about it now. It's therapy in the sense that I have to be accountable to people I don't want to disappoint people, I don't want to disappoint myself, I don't want to disappoint Kevin.

Everything I'm talking about helps me stay on track of what's going on with me and how I'm feeling about being sober and the feedback I get from people. There's a few people out there who've said they've listened to the pod cast and it's really helped them stay sober. They've come to the live show and it's helped them and inspired them to get through a time. It's really flattering, it's helped me, and it's amazing.

How long have you been sober now?
I keep track in my computer, it's climbing on two years now.

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