Seven Reasons Why Book Art Makes Me Uncomfortable

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Yeah, yeah, recycling is hot. And it's even better when you can use (and reuse) paper goods that often serve a one-time purpose. But throw a binding and a cover on that stack of paper, and you've got yourself a book -- maybe it's something you had to read in high school or something your friend gave you and said you had to read.

That thing you're holding is the paper version of what you can also find online, on a tablet, on your phone, on your computer, through your augmented-reality glasses -- whatever. It's an artform that bibliophiles are doing everything they can to keep together, when what's (scarily) becoming more popular is cutting them apart.

Sure, we get it; A book can make a great base for an art project. And who said a range of media was a bad thing? It's not. But, there's just something about defacing a book that makes that same noise the dentist's scraper does as it trails across an upper molar. Here's why ...  

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7. Um, you just cut into the cover of that book.

There's a certain panic some people feel when they discover that the dust jacket on a hardback had been bent, torn, or otherwise damaged. 

That pain, though, quickly subsides with the discovery of the undercover -- the soft, linen-textured cover that hides beneath. There's a smell and a feel of a great hardcover. And you just tore that shit apart to make an ugly purse. Awesome. 

6. Painted pages
Matt Kish

Look, I'm all for books with illustrations. Words and pictures have a long history of communicating and getting along just fine. But you've clearly just messed up the playing field. 

5. The Bookerarium

You can't keep a plant alive, so you killed a book instead. Nice.

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