The Seven Greatest Names for Strip Clubs ... All Found in Phoenix

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4. Bottoms Up Gentlemen's Club
A few years ago, this 19th Avenue club boasted more of a Latin vibe and was called Chi Chi's (a.k.a. the Spanish slang for breasts). Its new owners renamed it the equally amusing name Bottoms Up, which refers to the fact that its topless dancers keep their g-strings and bikini bottoms in place while climbing the stripper pole or dancing to hip-hop hits and Top 40 jams.

3. Dick's Cabaret
We always get a little chuckle whenever we hear the name of the Valley's only male strip club, which is a not-so-sly allusion to what's on stage for the world to see inside the all-nude joint. Just ask any of the women and gay men that have flocked to Dick's for years.

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Wow, the names are not that inspiring. How about SKIN... or something sexy.

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