The Royal Exchange and Sooo U! Consignment and Clothing Stores Now Open in Downtown Phoenix

Photo by Eric Tsetsi
If you're into vintage Tory Burch, Saks, Louis Vuitton, and snakeskin Armani loafers -- or are looking for a cool vintage birdcage, you're in luck: The Royal Exchange and neighboring 
Sooo U! are now open in downtown Phoenix. And they're ready to cater to vintage designer clothing fans and lovers of antique furniture. 
The storefronts, at the corner of Roosevelt and Third Avenue, have been quietly ringing up a few costumers for a couple weeks while they settled in, but the spaces' owner, Sylvia Shoen, says the stores are now officially open and ready for business.

Photo by Eric Tsetsi​

At the moment, Sooo U! (the clothing half of Shoen's business) has a lot more women's clothing and accessories than men's, but Shoen said she's continuing to build her inventory. 

The Royal Exchange is filled with interior decor items and furniture pieces including a Copenhagen dining table and a lime green treasure chest.

Shoen and her sister, Gayle Palms, who runs a natural health clinic and apothecary between the two consignment shops, renovated the building together. They both say they put a ton of work into the space, which had been vacant for more than a year after a charter school and the Phoenix Birthing Project moved out.

Photo by Eric Tsetsi
​Shoen says her decision to open her business Downtown was easy. 
"This particular community is the best place in Arizona to be."

Soo U! and the Royal Exchange are at 301 Roosevelt St. A website will be up and running shortly, according to Shoen. In the meantime you can call 602.254.2758 for more information.

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