The No Pants AZ Light Rail Ride is Scheduled for January

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A quick public service announcement: if you're not looking to share a bench and some quality skin time with a few pants-less commuters (and yes, they are just happy to see you), you might to take the car on January 8. 

The No Pants Light Rail Ride ride is organized by members of Improv Everywhere, the braintrust who brought you the train station flash mob, the mall santa musical, and hundreds of other "surprise" choreographed scenes in pubic public places. 

Participants of this year's ride, scheduled for Sunday, January 8, plan to occupy seats on all forms of local public transportation in their (hopefully new, clean, and full-coverage) underwear. 

Organizers are still looking for help in videotaping and photographing the event so that we can all see the public transportation pantie parade on Monday. If it's anything like last year's event, we're sure to get an eyeful. 

Stay tuned to the event website and Facebook event page for more information. 

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Jeff Moriarty
Jeff Moriarty

Thanks for posting about the event! Technically, Improv Everywhere sets the date for the national No Pants ride - this will be their 11th Annual - and then local groups organize the individual events. ImprovAZ is the local flash mob group doing the No Pants Light Rail ride here in Phoenix.

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