Santarchy 2011: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Benjamin Leatherman
Three signs of a good Santarchy crawl: free hugs, faux velvet, and a festive 5 o'clock shadow.
Countless Kris Kringle clones invaded the streets and sidewalks of Old Town Scottsdale when the Arizona Cacophony Society staged it's annual Santarchy bar crawl on Saturday, December 17. 

Participants came dressed in variety of creative and kooky costumes inspired by Christmas (including such lesser-known versions of jolly old Saint Nick as Samurai Santa, Pimp Santa, and even S&M Santa) and engaged in some holiday high jinks while visiting such Scottsdale drinkeries as Dos Gringos, The Firehouse, Rockbar, and Saddle Ranch. 

We took to the streets in our own felted gear and took a few notes. The Good's above, The Bad and The Ugly are after the jump, and the whole Santa-filled slideshow is here.
Benjamin Leatherman
Two signs of a fashionably bad Santarchy: unenthusiastic protesting expressions, a crowned reindeer, and Jesus, JESUS.
Benjamin Leatherman
One sign of a fashionably ugly Santarchy: Letting combat-boot, short-shorts mime Santa toss a couple back and saddle the bull.

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