Ink Up: Phoenix Voted the Nation's Tattoo Capital

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If you've been thinking about adding a few words, portraits, or hipsterific symbols (we hear the fox is up and coming) to your skin's permanent collection, you're not alone. 

In December, daily deal machine LivingSocial asked residents across the country to weigh in on their own city's vanity and lifestyle choices. The result: Phoenix residents have the most ink. 

The survey, conducted by Mandala Research, also put Phoenix in the top five in the "most superficial," "level of vanity," and "number of residents with breast implants," categories in the country. Classy. 

More results after the jump...

The research company asked 4,000 online consumers in 20 cities including Atlanta, Miami, Boston, New York, Chicago, Orlando, Cleveland, Philadelphia  Dallas, District of Columbia, Sacramento, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco, Houston, Tampa, Los Angeles and the Twin Cities. 

Based on the vain inclinations of most (if not all) participants, the survey found that most Americans rank themselves well above average -- one in three rate themselves an 8, 9, or 10. When asked to rate those around them, 52 percent of local participants rated Phoenix residents as overweight, 31 percent said men in the city are handsome, and 48 percent said women in Phoenix are beautiful. 

Overall, Miami residents rated themselves the vainest city, followed by Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix in the No. 5 spot. 

The full survey results for Phoenix are provided by LivingSocial below: 
LivingSocial Vanity Survey December 2011 - Phoenix Results
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Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt

P-town the tattoo capital?  You don't say.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you can't pass a strip mall anywhere in this town that doesn't have a tat shop in it.


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